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SuperFlex Partitions

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SuperFlex Partitions


Size Options - SuperFlex

GBP £18.00
  • Features
  • Superflexes are used to separate equipment inside your Billingham Bag. The dividers are positioned to provide one square compartment . Please note that our inserts are designed to work with the padded base inside our bags. SuperFlex Inserts do not have a base of their own. With so many different lenses and other delicate equipment available today, we needed to develop quite a range of SuperFlex models to accommodate them. We think we have come up with a selection of sizes that should cover almost every need, protecting your valuable investment from the worst bumps and bashes.

    When choosing it is important to remember the walls are the dividers are slightly flexible so may fit it lenses slightly larger than you expect if you are happy with a tighter fit. The grey images are a 'top down' view, the white images are the view down the shortest side - Superflex dividers are always 15cm along the longest side: