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Billingham SP15 Shoulder Pad tan Leather


GBP £33.00
  • Features
  • The SP15 is the original shoulder pad which is still a favourite among many photographers. The SP15 which fits all Billingham bags with 1.5” (38mm) webbing straps.

    PLEASE NOTE - We now also do an 'extra comfort' version called the SP40 that incorporates a grooved inner core of high-density closed-cell foam designed to help the Shoulder Pad mould to the shape of your shoulder. The SP40 also accommodates bags with 1.5”  (38mm) webbing straps .


    The SP15 fits the following bags:
    - S2
    - S3
    - S4
    - Hadley Digital
    - Hadley Small
    - Hadley Small Pro
    - Hadley Pro
    - Hadley Large
    - 225
    - 335
    - f2.8
    - f1.4
    - L2
    - Weekender
    - Overnighter
    - Thomas