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Rucksack 25 Divider Set

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Rucksack 25 Divider Set


GBP £22.00
  • Features
  • Complete Set of dividers for the 25 Rucksack

    - This divider set is included with purchases of the above bag so you only need to purchase this if you have lost yours or want extra dividers.
    - This does not include the large padded sausage that goes round the outside of the bag. For that please see the 'Rucksack 25 Insert'.
    - When purchased separately as accessories these dividers include 'Billingham England' and batch number labels sewn in. However the ones that come included in the price of the bags do not include these labels because we sew them into the outer bags instead. (Translated for our Chinese customers: 由于白金汉(Billingham)的摄影包产品上均缝制带有‘Billingham England’字样的标签,随包标配的内胆包或配件上并不单独缝制此标签,另购件除外。).