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Packington Insert

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Billingham Packington Insert Olive suggest layout hasselblad
  • Tech Specs
  • External Dimensions
    W340mm x D130mm x H240mm
    Internal Dimensions
    W320mm x D100mm x H210mm
    6.7 litres
    Additional Information
    Please note this insert is flexible - especially front to back. Therefore it can fit items slightly larger than the dimensions suggest - inside a Packington it could comfortably bow out to a 'D' measurement of 120mm at the bottom and 150mm at the top (at the centre). Although this might be somewhat limited by the vertical dividers, if you use them, which are about 120mm front to back.
  • Features
  • This a replacement padded insert for a Billingham Packington bag. The inside features a brushed nylon surface to which you can attach the enclosed padded dividers. It attaches inside the bag using the pop clips - these are easily undone to allow you to change your Packington from a camera bag, to a casual bag, and back again very quickly. You could even buy a spare and keep one set of equipment in one insert, and another inside the second insert.

    2 full height Vertical dividers and two Horizontal dividers are included - they attach with Velcro® to the inside of the bag. 

    Some people use this insert inside of other bags from other manufacturers and thats ok by us.

    - This insert is included with all sales of the Billingham Packington bag.

  • Included
  • 1 x Packington Insert
    2 x Vertical padded divider
    2 x Horizontal flap padded divider.