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Packington Insert

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Billingham Packington Insert Olive suggest layout hasselblad
GBP £45.00
  • Tech Specs
  • External Dimensions
    W340mm x D130mm x H240mm
    Internal Dimensions
    W320mm x D100mm x H230mm
  • Features
  • This a replacement padded insert for a Billingham Packington bag. The inside features a brushed nylon surface to which you can attach the enclosed padded dividers. It attaches inside the bag using the pop clips - these are easily undone to allow you to change your Packington from a camera bag, to a casual bag, and back again very quickly. You could even buy a spare and keep one set of equipment in one insert, and another inside the second insert.

    2 full height Vertical dividers and two Horizontal dividers are included - they attach with Velcro® to the inside of the bag. 

    Some people use this insert inside of other bags from other manufacturers and thats ok by us.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a good (but not perfect) fit inside our new Hadley One bag. However the pop-clips will not match up which could in rare circumstances allow the insert to slide out the bag.

  • Included
  • 1 x Packington Insert
    2 x Vertical padded divider
    2 x Horizontal flap padded divider.