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Hadley One Full Size Insert

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Hadley One Full Size Insert


GBP £60.00
  • Tech Specs
  • External Dimensions
    W350mm x D130mm x H240mm
    Internal Dimensions
    W340mm x D90mm x H230mm ----- (Depth front to back is expandible - see below)
    7.04 litres
    0.34kg (brings the total for the bag to roughly 1.3kg, or 1.5kg with shoulder sling attached).
    Additional Information
    Please note this insert is of a soft construction - therefore it is capable of expanding outwards front to back (especially at the top).. 100-110mm would be comfortable at the bottom of the insert and up to 160mm at the top if the dividers were removed.
  • Features
  • This is the optional full size padded insert for the Billingham Hadley One. It is roughly double the size of the 'half size' insert supplied with the bag - allowing you to fit more (and larger) gear. With this insert it becomes feasible to carry cameras such as the Canon 1DX, Canon 5D Mk 4 with battery grip and Hasselblad H6D (with HC80 lens) lens down.

    The inside of the insert has our soft 'brushed nylon' lining - to this you can attach the included removable, repositionable padded Velcro® dividers. There are 4 dividers included in total - 2 vertical ones that reach almost to the top of the bag (to split it into three columns) and 2 small horizontal flap dividers to help you stack lenses safely.

    The dividers are of an innovative and new design:

    • The vertical dividers are articulated (similar to those of the Hadley Large Pro) so that the insert can remain small (front to back) when storing small gear or expand easily to hold larger gear.
    • The horizontal dividers have 4 sides - one has Velcro® to attach to the walls of the insert, the other three are 'wings' to expand to fill space and provide extra protection for the bottom of lenses.
    • All dividers are made with our soft brushed nylon material.

    PLEASE NOTE: This insert cannot be used at the same time as the one that comes with the bag - it is an alternative replacement for that item.

  • Included
  • 1 x Hadley One Full Size Insert
    2 x Vertical padded divider
    2 x Horizontal flap padded divider.

  • Accessories