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Hadley One Full Frame Bundle

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Hadley One Full Frame Bundle
  • £355.00

    Availability: In stock


    Price as configured: £355.00

Availability: In stock


Price as configured: £355.00

  • Tech Specs
  • External Dimensions
    W370mm x D140mm x H280mm
    Internal Dimensions
    W350mm x D120mm x H250mm (of the bag without padded insert) -- W150mm x 120mm x H240mm (inside the half size padded insert) --- W340mm x D90mm x H230mm (inside the full size padded insert)
    8.75 litres (3.9 litres approx in each half size padded insert, or 7.04 in the full size insert)
    1.38kg (including removable sling and padded insert)
    3 (plus sewn in padded 13 inch laptop area)
    Additional Information

    Front 'dump' pockets (2):   W140mm x D30 to 80mm x H210mm

    Rear zipped pocket:           W330mm x D Nominal x H200mm Capacity Nominal 

    As standard the bag comes with a padded insert about half the length (but the full height) of the bag, a camera can be stored inside this and water bottle etc outside. Alternatives include:
    - An extra half size Hadley One insert can be purchased to use two inserts inside the bag.
    - A full size Hadley One insert can be purchased (included in this bundle).
    - A Hadley Pro insert can be used as an alternative for those who want to store more photographic gear than the half size insert but not as much as the full size insert. This is a little smaller than the available space inside the bag.

    NOTE: The bottom of the bag is deeper (front to back) than the top. So internally it is 100mm deep at the top, but 120mm deep at the bottom.

  • Features
    • Bundle including Hadley One bag, shoulder pad, luggage tally and full size insert.
    • Sized for laptops, tablets and camera gear.
    • Internal built in 13 inch Laptop holder.
    • Includes Half Length, full height removable padded insert section for CSC kit or mid-sized DSLR. Leaves half the bag free for non-camera gear or a second padded insert (optional extra).
    • Also includes Full Length, full height removable padded insert that allows larger cameras to be stored - such as Canon 1DX, Canon 5D with battery grip etc stored lens down.
    • Re-engineered top handle for increased comfort.
    • Fully adjustable and removable shoulder sling.
    • Luggage Trolley strap retainer.
    • Twin dump pockets on the front.
    • Rainproof zip closure on rear document pocket
    • Available in 3 colours of waterproof canvas material or 3 colours of even hardier waterproof FibreNyte.
    • The Burgundy version is out of stock due to lack of fabic - it should be available again in late June.

    The Hadley One, the latest addition to our product line, is purpose built to take your laptop or tablet device along with a core CSC kit or DSLR body and lens combination.

    Slightly larger than the Hadley Pro it features a removable, repositionable padded insert half the length of the bag to store your camera gear. In the remaining half of the bag you can place other personal items or an optional second insert. Or of course you can take the included insert and replace it with a different insert completely - such as the Full Size Insert which is included in this bundle. It allows you to store more and larger gear (the full size insert also allows carrying of larger cameras such as Canon 1DX or 5D with battery grip lens down, with a flash and a 70-200 lens to the side for example).

    Another padded section stitched into the back of the main compartment provides space for a 13 inch MacBook Pro (or smaller device such as a tablet).

    When we introduced a top handle to the Hadley in the Pro model, our customers loved it. We’ve bettered it continually since then and now we have arrived at a new style, introduced on the Hadley One for the first time. Leather underneath the grip adds a lot of comfort and when the adjustable sling is removed, you can use it all day as a briefcase.

    On the rear, side and bottom faces we have added foam padding; not only adding increased protection for the heavier lenses and all-metal bodies that now feature in the CSC and DSLR products, but also your personal items that are carried outside the padded insert. Adding structure; the bag will look great and support everything you put in; whether you fill it or not.

    The sides of the bag can fit additional external accessory pockets (coming soon), if you do run out of space. The thick leather they attach to is the same top-grain hide we use across our product line and gives an extremely secure mount for any accessories. The shoulder sling attachment is also riveted through this part and forms a core structure of the bag.

    A strap to retain the bag over the handle of a trolley suitcase when traveling was probably our most requested feature and the Hadley One has this provision. You can still access the rear zippered back pocket when it’s mounted on a trolley and the rainproof zip used there keeps the contents dry.

    All our products are manufactured at our factory in England; the Hadley One has our 5 year guarantee and is built under our UI serial numbering system; helping us to track the products’ life cycle.

    Our hardwearing and water resistant FibreNyte material never needs reproofing and is available in three colours with complimentary toned leather.

    Billingham Hadley One camera bag with Canon 5D mk4

    Hadley One bag with Canon 5D, insert included with the bag and optional second insert.  

    Hadley One - Black FibreNyte/Black Leather

    Hadley One - Khaki FibreNyte/Chocolate Leather

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  • Included
  • - 'H1' Removable shoulder sling (48mm wide)
    - 1 x Hadley One Half Size inserts (1/2 length, full height) including one padded divider flap each.
    - 1 x Hadley One Full Size Insert (full length, full height) including 2 vertical and 2 flap dividers).
    - SP50 Shoulder Pad.
    - Luggage Tally.
    - Drawstring bag for storage of the bag when not in use.

  • Accessories