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Hadley Large Insert

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Billingham Hadley Large Insert suggested layout Canon DSLR -70-200 IS L Series lens, 17-40 l Series canon lens, Canon 2x  teleconverter, Flash gun and remote triggers


GBP £50.00
  • Tech Specs
  • External Dimensions
    W360mm x D90mm x H280mm
    Internal Dimensions
    W340mm x D80mm x H270mm
    7.3 litres
  • Features
  • A full padded insert for the Hadley Large. It comes with 2 Horizontal dividers, 2 of the larger Vertical dividers. There is a stud fitting at the top on the front of the insert so it can be fixed into place inside the Hadley Large.

    Please note difference colour inserts come with different colour linings:

    Insert Colour Originally Supplied in X Colour Bags Inside Fabric Style
    Olive All colours not listed below Brushed Nylon (softer and velcro will stick anywhere)
    Black Grey and Neon bags Polyester with Velcro® strips
    Orange Imperial Blue / Tan Leather Polyester with Velcro® strips

    - This item is included free with all purchases of the 'Hadley Large' bag.
    - Some people mistake their old 'Hadley Original' bags as a ‘Hadley Large’ because the ‘Hadley Original’ doesn't have a handle. This item will not fit in a 'Hadley Original' for that you need a 'Hadley Pro' insert. If you aren’t sure which bag you have please check the dimensions or contact us.

  • Included
  • 1 x Hadley Large Insert
    2 x Vertical padded divider
    2 x Horizontal flap padded divider.