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Drawstring Bag

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Billingham Drawstring Bags grouped

Size Options - Drawstring Bag

GBP £4.00
  • Features
  • In some countries, we supply our products with a Drawstring Bag as a tote cover. We've been asked by customers to offer these for sale to those people who did not have one through those sales channels; so here they are!

    Size A fits: All Stowaway products, AVEA, Delta Pockets.
    - Dimensions: 250mm x 350mm

    Size B fits: L2, 107, Small Hadley, Pro Hadley
    - Dimensions: 450mm x 550mm

    Size C fits: Large Hadley, 207, 307, 225, 335
    - Dimensions: 500mm x 650mm

    Size D fits: 445, 555, 550, Packington
    - Dimensions: 600mm x 800mm